Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My first Blogging EXCITEMENT !!

Well I got an email from one of my internet friends (Glinda) who wrote yesterday saying that she thought I would want to know that my site had been BLOCKED!!! Oh my, what have I done wrong was my first thought, assuming of course that I HAD done something wrong! My family would say that my guilty conscience was working over time!! I started to rack my little brain thinking what in the world could I have done to get me booted. Then it occurred to me that perhaps those in cyberspace just don't like dogs and turned me in!!!! :-) But alas a form letter told me the Robots (that is the term blogspot used) deemed for whatever reason that my site was a SPAM site!! That it wasn't little old me posting but a mean old computer!!! LOL I answered one of those hard to decipher alphabet/number strings we in the new computer age have all had to enter through to get anywhere and then it gave me a brief message that said since I was able to complete that task I was apparently not a computer but was indeed a person.......oh the joy!! You can't imagine how grateful I was to hear that! They said they would however have to send the site for human review and then would open me back up!! Which as you can tell if you are currently reading this, has happened. So if you have tried to check the site out in the last 24-36 hours and had trouble, it has all been worked out, I am no longer possessed by computers and am back up and posting........thank you for your understanding!

And a big thank you to Glinda, who if she had not let me know about the problem I might have missed the 48 hour window that I had in which to report the problem. I guess that was another check to make sure I wasn't just a computer. Apparently computers don't normally check their sites for problems LOL.